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f glass weblogo neu
f glass weblogo neu

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Today f | glass GmbH is considered to be the world's leading manufacturer of glass that meets the highest quality demands and which is characterised by innovative product properties. Whilst we have the world's best production facilities, people are at the core of everything we do, as only motivated and competent personnel are able to produce high-value products of outstanding quality.

Learn more about how we work with this fascinating material and what we make from it:

The production of 'Float Glass'

Blick in FloatbadIn 1914, Émile Fourcault, working with Émile Gobbe, developed a way of producing flat glass – the so-called "Fourcault process". Flat glass has a consistent width because it is extracted vertically directly from the glass trough.

The American Irving W. Colburn developed the Libbey-Owens process in 1917. It is essentially based on the Fourcault process, but achieves a fortyfold increase in glass production, by modifying certain aspects of the process. In 1959, Pilkington was able to implement his brilliant idea of creating flat glass using the so-called float glass process on an industrial scale.

This production process involves a continuous ribbon of molten glass which is poured onto a bath of molten tin, where it floats on the surface of the molten metal and spreads out. A perfectly flat coplanar ribbon of glass is formed naturally as a result of the surface tension of the molten glass and the flat surface of the molten tin. Even today flat glass is still manufactured on this basic principle.

Glass coating – pure nanotechnology

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We own one of the world's largest and highest performing continuous flow coating plants for the application of high-end functional glass coatings. This process involves the application of thin nanoscale layers in a vacuum, by means of which the (spectral) properties of the glass can be significantly influenced. In this way, it is possible to produce thermal and solar protective coatings for use in architecture, which simultaneously meet the highest aesthetic demands. 

But this system is also used for the production of anti-reflection coatings which increase the energy yield in solar systems. All such coatings are optimised for the environment in which they will be deployed and can even withstand being sandblasted in a desert storm.

See more: www.fsolar.de

Integrated glass processing

SGZ von obenWe cover all aspects of float glass production right up to final delivery in accordance with the customers' specific requirements, and all under a single roof.

Whether it's cutting, grinding, drilling or thermal pre-tensioning – state-of-the-art production facilities in conjunction with industrialised mass production guarantee a consistently high quality at the lowest possible cost.

See more: www.fsolar.de

Environmentally-friendly production

Filteranlage klThe production processes at f | glass enable us to reconcile efficient quality production with our responsibilities towards future generations. We have committed to this overriding principle in our behavioural code.

A highly efficient emission control system at f | glass significantly reduces harmful emissions, whereby the resulting filter dust is recycled in its entirety and is added to the glass melt as an important raw material.

We use the roof area of the production halls to harness the sun using a 1MW photovoltaic system – that's energy that we don't need to extract from fossil fuels and which therefore makes a significant contribution to climate stabilisation.

Ultimate quality

Our certification in environmental protection, quality and energy management attests to the fact that we manufacture qualitatively high-value products.

f | glass employs an integrated management system (IMS), with the aid of which all processes within the company are managed. In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of this system in relation to our customers, f | glass has been certified to the international standards ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment), ISO 50001 (energy) and OSAS 18001 (health and safety). Another important integral consideration for us is occupational health and safety – "safety first" is the primary concern within the company. In addition, all of our products are individually certified for quality.

Information on the CE marking

The CE marking provides documentary evidence that all glass products manufactured and/or supplied by us conform to all applicable European standards. Each product group is subject to its own specific EN standard, which specify various requirements under the following criteria:

•   Quality Management System
•   In-house production monitoring and inspections by approved auditing agencies
•   External inspections by approved certification authorities

The CE marking displayed on our product labels represents our manufacturer warranty that the product in question complies fully with the applicable European standards. 

To request up-to-date CE documentation please send your query to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or order it from your designated Customer Service Representative.