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f glass weblogo neu
f glass weblogo neu

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Humans have always been fascinated by glass. That was true 7000 years ago and is still the case today. Because our plant is at least as fascinating as the resulting products.

Every day, the 230 or so employees at f | glass GmbH use their passion, technical knowledge and know-how to create new glass products, which raise the bar for other manufacturers around the world.

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The factory in Osterweddingen near Magdeburg (Saxony-Anhalt), which began operations in 2009 – one of the world's most modern float glass plants – produces f | glass GmbH's flat glass, which is then coated and toughened as per the customers' requirements.

The application possibilities of glass are infinite. In addition to standard products for the flat glass processing industry, we produce an extremely white, transparent and low-iron glass, which is used, for example, in architecture and the solar power industry.

f | glass GmbH employs some 230 staff members, was founded by AGC/Interpane and Scheuten and supplies both of these companies. Interpane's strategic partner AGC is the world's biggest producer of flat glass. AGC/Interpane andScheuten, both international enterprises, have over 100 years of joint experience in the manufacture of high-quality glass products. 

As a distribution company for processed glazing, f | solar GmbH is responsible for the provision of professional customer support and consultancy from our base in Osterweddingen.

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We fill it with liquids, look through it, and seek protection behind it: glass is humanity's oldest raw material. Having begun as a precious commodity thousands of years ago, it is now an industrial product with plenty of applications. What began as the product of fiddly handiwork and manufacturing some 7000  years ago has, for many years now, become a high-tech material ....   See more