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f glass weblogo neu
f glass weblogo neu

f | glass uses state-of-the-art machines , technologies and processes. Nevertheless, everything still revolves around people.

We promote a corporate culture here in which partner-oriented, collaborative working practices, motivation and commitment are highly valued. Because, only motivated and committed employees, and therefore the company, can achieve success.

This is why f | glass has developed up-to-date labour models that can be adapted to the various life phases of our staff members as well as the ever changing socio-political framework conditions. Health management, personnel development as well as an occupational pension scheme are all part for the course and contribute significantly to the provision of an equitable work-life balance for our staff members.

We view f | glass as an active element in the community and are well aware of our responsibilities in this respect. That is why we have a relevant behavioural code, which all of our employees are committed to upholding.

Accepting social responsibility

Because we at f | glass GmbH see ourselves as a stable component of (local) society, we accept the responsibilities that this entails and lend our support to a number of charitable associations, clubs and organisations.

In particular, f | glass also assumes social responsibility for communal projects, providing funding for kindergartens and schools, for example, in addition to local sports clubs. f | glass is also actively involved in the Roland-Berger-Stiftung (Foundation). This foundation supports gifted children from socially disadvantaged families throughout Germany to help them to develop their talents, to fund and support their personal development and to provide them with the means and opportunity to study at university. f | glass has been actively engaged in this area for the past five years.

Photos of everyday corporate life

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